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I change my identity once again. [22 Aug 2001|11:36am]
My aim and lj thing is now SweetPubs.
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Im Amused By Simple Things [16 Aug 2001|10:47pm]
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
ChatterBoxChik04: k?
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
ChatterBoxChik04: go flush the toliet
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!

WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
Buttercup43212: ?! Excuse me?
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
Buttercup43212: yeah..
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!Poopsex!
Buttercup43212: yea
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!

WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
BeckaSA29: excuse me
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
BeckaSA29: ok watever bye
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!

WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
ChArLiEsChIcK29: whos this?
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
ChArLiEsChIcK29: is this robby
WhoseTheMan Me: Poopsex!
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Some people are bastards but this guys just a fucking idiot. [16 Aug 2001|10:40pm]
WhoseTheMan Me: Eat the apple!
DX316CS: thats what i told your mom, when she was sucking my dick
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The Turkish comes to Sweet Pub's aid in the good fight! [16 Aug 2001|10:16pm]
FFHater: can only fight with one of you pathetic nerds at a time - i will straighten you out later
FlukeKittenMoon: haha
FlukeKittenMoon: alright I'll wait my turn
FlukeKittenMoon: maybe I am I nerd I guess then .. with the mental capacity to carry on two conversations at once
FFHater: ok - go type in pamela anderson's name into a search engine so you have something to use later
FlukeKittenMoon: hehe
FlukeKittenMoon: FlukeKittenMoon: porn porn porn
FlukeKittenMoon: I'm pretty sure you're the one doing to harassing making you a nerd who sits at their computer harassing people ... but ya know ... I'll wait my turn
FFHater signed off at 10:55:33 PM.
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One Of My Fans! [16 Aug 2001|10:14pm]
FFHater: hi - u fucking pussy...

bugging anyone with your silly ass little games.

FootstepsFading: A fan of my Journal eh?
FFHater: nothing like a fucking nerd - who never gets laid -

trying to agitate normal people
FootstepsFading: Nothing like it eh? Well that would make me an original then wouldnt it?
FootstepsFading: Who are these FF that you are a hater of?
FFHater: would make you a

1 in a million nerd douche bag
FFHater: hater of you - nerd
FootstepsFading: Awwwwwwwww that hurt, that hurt deep down.
FootstepsFading: So whats your next creative blow?
FFHater: u fucked with the wrong guy this time -

FootstepsFading: I was unaware that I "fucked" with you
FFHater: am i interrupting your masturbation time - or does that start at 11?

because let's face it - you have never been with a woman
FootstepsFading: No No I have not, poor poor me
FFHater: someday you will get laid, and see that there is more to life then your computer - you poor douche bag
FootstepsFading: No there is nothing more to life than computer, I love my computer, All I need to do is click on it and were joined in a souless way, when Im done I click and it just goes away!
FFHater: ok - nerd - go play on your computer some more, masturbate and go to bed...

do same thing tomorrow - as usual
FootstepsFading: Yes I must have routine, I need routine.
FFHater: well - it's toss off time for ya -

go rub it out again

hope you get aids when you break down and get a hooker

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Life Goes On [16 Aug 2001|09:50pm]
Not much happened today, well stuff did but itt was just the same old stuff, Petco and such. Bought the Taj Mahal bird cage which looks super bitch and so Im gonna get a few more birds. Im depressed, unhappy, etc. I was right, waking up this morning was the wrong thing to do, made stupid decision last night, wrong decision, irrelevent and too late now. Im going to go wallow in self pity now. Goodbye.
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He gave up on our relationship just like that. [16 Aug 2001|11:26am]
TwentyTwoJax: You forgot our anniversary didnt you?
KMart666: ?
KMart666: what are you talking about?
TwentyTwoJax: How could you do this to me, I thought I meant something to you!
KMart666: umm do i know u?
TwentyTwoJax: Oh so thats how it is after 10 years!
KMart666: i guess so
TwentyTwoJax: I cant believe you
TwentyTwoJax: You told me you loved me.
TwentyTwoJax: Was that a lie?
KMart666: i reckon
KMart666: hahah
TwentyTwoJax: You didnt love me?
KMart666: if your being serious then you got the wrong person
KMart666: don't want to lead you on if thats the case
TwentyTwoJax: Oh yea so duck out on me now eh? You can run away for only so long.
KMart666: mmhmmm
TwentyTwoJax: Yea that all your gonna say to me?
TwentyTwoJax: Please talk to me about this, Im sorry I got mad, Dont give up on us now!
KMart666: dude you are wierd
TwentyTwoJax: Oh my god how can you say that to me!
TwentyTwoJax: No!
TwentyTwoJax: Please no!
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Some people just arent meant to socialize. [16 Aug 2001|11:24am]
TwentyTwoJax: Peanuts!
Stjob624: say WHAT?
TwentyTwoJax: Marshmallows!
Stjob624: jelly
TwentyTwoJax: Snats
Stjob624: lol what the hell is snats?
TwentyTwoJax: Bingles
Stjob624: what the hell is that??
TwentyTwoJax: Aszamabober
TwentyTwoJax: Cranks
Stjob624: ok thats getting annoying, speak english or shut up
TwentyTwoJax: Fidgums!
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Just anotha Ho! [16 Aug 2001|11:22am]
TwentyTwoJax: What is your name
Naysara: renee
TwentyTwoJax: That is incorrect
Naysara: beg your pardon?
TwentyTwoJax: That is incorrect
Naysara: how so?
TwentyTwoJax: You are still wrong, try again.
TwentyTwoJax: Time is up, the correct answer was Mary.
Naysara: well?
TwentyTwoJax: So how are you Mary?
Naysara: who the hell is mary?
TwentyTwoJax: You woman are Mary.
TwentyTwoJax: Dont give me guff woman
Naysara: is this one of those....you think you know me but youre grossly wrong kinda things>
Naysara: ?
TwentyTwoJax: No Mary, this is your being insolent now get in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich.
Naysara: um.....yeah.......right.........i'll just go call the psych ward that you excaped from.....brb
TwentyTwoJax: Keep it up woman and when I come home you'll be livin on the street
Naysara: good to know
TwentyTwoJax: Yea thats it Im ggrabbing my paddle and coming home Mary.
TwentyTwoJax: See you in a bit.
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Fidgums is too cool for me [16 Aug 2001|11:21am]
TwentyTwoJax: Whats your name
DrJ498: im not tellin u my name y u care
TwentyTwoJax: That is incorrect your name is not "im not tellin u my name y u care"
TwentyTwoJax: Whats your name
DrJ498: steve
DrJ498: y
DrJ498: what is urs
TwentyTwoJax: Once again you are wrong,
TwentyTwoJax: What is your name
DrJ498: who da hell is this
TwentyTwoJax: What is your name
DrJ498: john
DrJ498: who is this
TwentyTwoJax: No you are once again incorrect, your name is Fidgums
DrJ498: who the fuck is this
TwentyTwoJax: People Fidgums, this is people.
TwentyTwoJax: So how is Fidgums
TwentyTwoJax: Fidgums NYA!
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Racist bastards! [16 Aug 2001|11:08am]
DyingOnThOutside: Are you making fun of my puerto rican heritage?
jonno727: who are you?
jonno727: i guess not if i dont nkow you
DyingOnThOutside: Let me tell you something you racist bastard, noone makes fun of my puerto rican heritage.
jonno727: whatever you say
DyingOnThOutside: Oh so its that way huh?
DyingOnThOutside: Yea bitch, you be racist.
jonno727: whats your problem?
DyingOnThOutside: Your a fuckin racist thats my problem
jonno727: i dont even know you
DyingOnThOutside: Yea thats right you dont know me, you just judge me based on race and ethnic origin.
jonno727: no i dont... who are you?
jonno727: who ever said i was racist?
DyingOnThOutside: You made fun of my puerto rican heritage you white devil!
jonno727: ok when and where?
DyingOnThOutside: Oh so what you can come burn a cross in my front yard you caucasian bastard.
jonno727: noo when and where did i make fun of your puerto rican culture?
DyingOnThOutside: Oh so thats how it is
DyingOnThOutside: Well fuck off you racist
jonno727: what is your problem?
jonno727: what?
jonno727: is
jonno727: your
jonno727: problem?
MakinTheGetaway: Latino opressor!
jonno727: who are you?
jonno727: alright dont tell me
jonno727: ur dyinonthoutside arent you?
MakinTheGetaway: Im am the latino that you opressed your whole life
MakinTheGetaway: Held me down as long as you could but now we fight back
jonno727: and i am the person that doesnt even know you!
MakinTheGetaway: Yea you never took the time to know me because of my race
jonno727: what are you talking about?
MakinTheGetaway: Opress me no more white devil!
jonno727: because.. umm i dont know what ur talking about
MakinTheGetaway: Yea you know why because your ignorant of your evil ways!
jonno727: right... whatever you say
jonno727: ok im ignorant of my evl ways.. now who are you?
MakinTheGetaway: That latino you opress
jonno727: do you have a name?
MakinTheGetaway: Why so you can send out your other kluxers after me?
jonno727: kkk...? what/?
MakinTheGetaway: Yea thats right I know its you under that white hood you son of a bitch
jonno727: oh yeah im standing right in front of you
jonno727: and itd be kluklexers anyway 
MakinTheGetaway: Yea see you know what it would be because you are one!
jonno727: or maybe because theyre on the news all the time
MakinTheGetaway: Yes the news you watch on yoru tv that you screwed the latino man out of!
MakinTheGetaway: I have to go fight your imposed opression!
MakinTheGetaway: Goodbye spic hater!
MakinTheGetaway: Just looking for another way to hurt the puerto rican man eh?
jonno727: who are you
MakinTheGetaway: Yea you know who I am wanker
jonno727: who are you then? if i already know tell me
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Trick Or Treat! [16 Aug 2001|11:06am]
MakinTheGetaway: I dont know if people will give us candy if we do something that kinky on their porch, we might wanna play it safe and go back to the dog idea
xDeviouzxAngelx: who r u ???
MakinTheGetaway: Arent you excited about trick or treating, only once a year can we have this much fun
xDeviouzxAngelx: oh yea itll be a thrill
MakinTheGetaway: So the dog/owner ideas good?
xDeviouzxAngelx: yea
MakinTheGetaway: Are you going to bring a flashlight and safety tags just in case?
xDeviouzxAngelx: yea u should too...so when i puch u in front of the car theyll be sure to stop
xDeviouzxAngelx: push*
MakinTheGetaway: Good point xdeviouszxangelx
MakinTheGetaway: Are you going to smash some pumpkins and do other haloween type acts of vandalism?
xDeviouzxAngelx: sure thing makinthegetaway
xDeviouzxAngelx: only on ur face
MakinTheGetaway: That hurt
MakinTheGetaway: That really hurt
MakinTheGetaway: I thought we were friends
xDeviouzxAngelx: thought wrong
MakinTheGetaway: Well Im gonna sabotage your house then
xDeviouzxAngelx: u do that...tthen ill shuve a bomb up ur ass along with ur mrs bars
xDeviouzxAngelx: mars*
MakinTheGetaway: Oh no please dont, I just want to be friends
xDeviouzxAngelx: who r u
xDeviouzxAngelx: if this is zack ur dead
MakinTheGetaway: Why? Im just kindding around
xDeviouzxAngelx: ok
MakinTheGetaway: Dont be mad at me!
xDeviouzxAngelx: its not zack
MakinTheGetaway: So Ill see you at 7?
xDeviouzxAngelx: yea
MakinTheGetaway: Alright talk to you then!
xDeviouzxAngelx: yea bye

DyingOnThOutside: What time do you want to go trick or treating?
xDeviouzxAngelx: what time do u wanna get ur ass kicked? who r u ?
DyingOnThOutside: So I take it that means I should stop by around 7
xDeviouzxAngelx: yea u do that
DyingOnThOutside: Alright, what are you dressing up as?
xDeviouzxAngelx: a n ower and u can be my dog u dont even need a costume
DyingOnThOutside: Oh thats a great idea, I love doing combination costumes with other people.
xDeviouzxAngelx: oook well i guess ur not tellin who u are and i dunt give a damn
DyingOnThOutside: I "dunt" want my mars bars because of my braces so you can have thenm if you want.
DyingOnThOutside: Wait Ive got a better idea lets go as a camel together
xDeviouzxAngelx: umm ok ill shuve them all up ur ass instead
xDeviouzxAngelx: u can be the ass
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I Can Never Be The Story Of Your Life, I've Lost All That I Never Had. [16 Aug 2001|02:22am]
[ mood | lonely ]

So I wrote a journal earlier, but it was stupid so this is taking its place. I know Ive said so many times in here that I was done with Darcy but I wasnt, at least not until now. I dont need this. So I'm just going to bitch for a bit as Ihave noone else to bitch too. We're talking today and I'm caught up in her as I always am when I talk to her, not thinking about what I say, so I dont know whether I mean it or I dont and still havent figured it out, but anyways Im on the virge of saying something that I am really glad I didn't now. When Im not conversing with her its just easier to think strait. I'm really depressed right now, Ive just had no desire to do anything but sit here. It just doesnt seem like much is worth doing anymore, It's like I have alot I would like to say but it seems worthless at this point, If I email her she may or may not read it, but she wont reply, she wont consider it or ake value to anything I say. That's whats I've learned at this point is that I always thought the way we broke up was different, other factors tha tplayed into it were actually of value, the cliched things she said to me she actually meant, no she was just humoring me and that reallly hurts. I love you too, wasnt I love you too, it was I don' t want to make you feel bad but I dont. I have to wonder what I do from here. I really think Im just better off encircling myself with my animals, they dont lie to me, and theyd never betray me they love me. I know it seems childish but I think the relationship between animals and people is in alot of ways stronger than that between people and people. I''m sitting here with Poochers on my lap, poochers is in no way the perfect dog, his eyes fixed but its still funny looking, hes got that slight odor and his breath is nothing short of rancid, his tail doesnt wag anymore it just kind of fidgets and all he does is sleep. I love him though. Poochers is on his last leg really, hes not that bad off he still walks around fine, enjoys his life, rolls around and goes for laps with me but 76 in dog years doesnt give me a sense of optimism. Alot of whats wrong with him is merely appearance but I worry about him alot, I dont want to have to say goodbye to my little buddy. When I get old Im gonna have a bunch of dogs. Definitely a miniature dashund, a normal size one, a beagle, a basid hound, a german shepard, a boston terrier and a few others Ive yet to decide on. Probably the saddest day of my life was loosing Muggles, animals are what I live for it never really clicked until this year how much I enjoy them, I always have but I never thought of it as my purpose but it is. I took my "first" drive with Susan today, she was amazed at how confidant I was for a first time driver as I did nothing short of busting it out as I weaved through lightpoles and through landscaping. Anyways back to the sad depressing state that I'm in. I removed the Darc paraphanelia from my room today, the pictures came down and were disposed of, the fish removed of its attire and also disposed of and the shirt was placed in with the rest of the material headed for the Rescue Mission. I had to do it just for the purpose of not having to see that shit anymore, I really dont want to think about her, especially not after the way that it finished, I just want to punch a whole in something everytime i look and see those things but of course look where that got me last time. I went to Eckerds for a job application, they said they were out, I think they were lying. I could understand why they would but I figure they would just throw it out when I brought it back but no not even that, I dont know whats worse just telling me or humoring me. Probably telling me, that way its just being insulted but without that feeling of I feel so bad for you Ill try and avoid insulting you. I know Ill just be up to the early hours either going into a mood of self pity, further depression, or remorse for the email I wrote but I hope not, especially not the last one. I'm independent, I always have been, I dont need people, in a world where people are like they are I think thats defintely a good trait. Putting myself into the hands of anyone does not seem to be a particularly good idea as of late, so I wont. I was way to uncautious this time and got way to involved way to quick but I wont do that next time, I regret alot of things. She was my first Chick and it feels like the first chick shoud live up to its potential, not that all relationships shouldnt, but the first one should moreso. I dont think it did, but my opinion doesnt matter in the long run, at least not to most people. I wish I was still in Toronto, sans Fanch though I dont need his guff.
It appears everyones doing it and so Im going to be one with the crowd and list my schedule, Ive only talked to a few peoplebut of the few I have Iwill list the names in the classes.

1st Semester
1st-College Prep
2nd-Visual Basic
3rd-Senior SH (A) AP Physics Lab (B)
4/5-AP Physics
6/7-Gym/Senior SH
8-Lunch -
9/10-S.U.P.A. Psychology
11-Criminal Justice
12-AP Statistics

2nd Semester
1st-Intro To Economics
2nd-Visual Basic
3rd-Senior SH (A) AP Physics Lab (B)
4/5-AP Physics
7/8-Contemporary Lit
9/10-Teaching Tolerance
11-Senior SH/Gym
12-AP Statistics

Anyone with classes with me who desires to tell me do me a favor and leave a comment, pretty much after 8th every day I know noone which is pretty lame. Oh well Im gonna go sulk and wonder what the hell happened to the last nine months. If I Wake Up I'll Have Made The Wrong Decision.

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Your Having The Time Of My Life And I Love You Much Too Late [15 Aug 2001|09:52pm]
So I dont feel like writing about today because nothing happened today. I got my schedule, my schedule sucks, my teachers are bastards, the only thing Im remotely looking forward to is going into this year so I can finish this year and leave. Minneapolis looks better everyday, of course so does dying.
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This Is But A Test [13 Aug 2001|11:26pm]
I did stuff today but I don't feel like talking about it now, I really dont feel like talking about what Ive done or what I plan on doing or stupid shit like that. I dont know what I want to talk about, of course its not talking its just writings, writings really a lonely thing to do but as you can probably tell I do it alot. Ive actually just been keeping a notebook up in my room for quotes and stuff like that that I hear and just want to keep forever, within the past few weeks Ive gone through half of it I just want to keep these things that have no substance and no physical value but have more presence in my life than anything else. Im nostalgic but not like reminscent nostalgic, the first 16 years of my life sucked assand Im not going to let the rest suck ass nostalgic. Ralphie bit me again so typics somewhat painful, he ripped open a cut and then tried biting me again once he tasted the blood, that little bastard. Im begining to thing Ralphies not capable of loyalty or things like that he really just wants to eat and sleep. Im even starting to develop a relationship with Felix and Otis, not a particularly complex one but one all the same. I find it so incredibly interesting interacting with animals. Like I took Otis II out, hes the small one, and I would put my hand out and he would jump on it and I would give him a cricket, I just repeated that until he learned the association, then I did it and didnt give him anything and he just stared at me it was evident he was confused. Thats not really complex thought but it is still amazing to thing about, I dont know how people can deny that animals have souls, dont get me wrong Im not going all animal rights ballistic but Ive always been into that type of thing. I look at it differently though, Im not trying to shoot at other people but its just my view that alot of vegans and such claim to value all life the same but realistically dont. Just because. If you value all life the same than the number of cells shouldnt matter and in that case every step you take makes you a bigger hypocrite than before because you kill something every time. Complexity of thought is irrelevant because then eggs and fish are on a lower par than the insects you dont realize your stepping on. Im not gettin on a tangent though but bottom line, I respect all life but life ends in order for it to ensue and begin. When an animal dies it makes a place for another, the excuse for eating meat because were in the food chain is stupid, thats not my reason, its wrong people are not in the food chain once you captive breed anything you eliminate youself from it. I just consider the food on my plate to be an honorable reason to die, eventually Im going to die and be fed to lower levels of plants and insects. Im not going to explode and never have any sight of me again. Oh well Daves on so im gonna go, but ill be back later, manifesto gotta get that regoing.
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Warped Part II [13 Aug 2001|09:27am]
Less Than Jake - 8
I chilled in the stands to watch Less Than Jake but I didnt think it really lost anything on me that way. I dont know I enjoy just watching bands or if there is some kind of decent amount of room moving around but when everyones just running into eachother and moshing I dont enjoy that at all. They didnt play either of my favorite songs, Als War or Five State Drive, which kind of sucked but none of their songs are bad and most of them are great; look what happened was definitely the best of the set. I kinda wish I just saw them at a club or something, seems like it would be a much better show that way but it was still really kick ass. They move around so much and really really make an effort to make the show kick ass.

Dropkick Murphys - 7
I dont know maybe I shouldnt be judging this because I was watching from across the place for half of it and from walking around but I still saw a decent amount of it. Only band that I saw banners for which was impressive, completely due to the fact that Irish people are crazy. Never really dug the Murphys, still dont, but from my point of view they put on a really really bitchin show.

Morgan Heritage - 3
I saw Morgan Heritage while waitin for MFATGG, wasnt that bad for a filler band and some people were gettin into them, I wasnt really but they definitely werent bad. Then he starts goin on and on about thankin everyone and spreadin the reggae sound which became very irritating when waiting for another band to go on and he finished with this whole spiel about "legalizing the ganja weed" I didnt need that nor did I need the jackass blowing marijuana smoke down my neck and stupidity will not be condoned.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes 8
Definitely an excellent show I only took issue with their set list. They opened up with Leavin On A Jet Plane which was incredible and that lit an energy that didnt return to the place through the rest of the set but really really rocked. They didnt play Favorite Things or Walk Like an Egyptian instead relying on songs whose choruses were well known but the basic lyrics were unknown to pretty much everyone there like Rocket Man. So that kinda hurt him, need to have the catchy easy songs to be a cover band, whether its the right thing or not its the realistic thing.

Sum 41- 1
I hate them, I hate them so much. Saw them waiting for pennywise. They suck so incredibly bad, they are so unfunny and the bring assfucks to the concert. I hate sum 41. They get a 1 for removing the assfucks from the area in which I was waiting for pennywise, I will give them that and also that the concert probably sold out because of those assfucks and so that prevented more assfucks and concievably worse assfucks from getting in. I hate sum 41.The music was bad, what I saw of the show was bad, I hate them.

Pennywise- 8
I didnt really see much of pennywise as I got sick at this point I watched out the hotel room window for about 2 thirds of the set and what I saw was really good. Bro Hymn turnedd the place upside down and so I didnt get to see the band as the cover on the stage prevented so but the music was clear and really really played well.

The Ataris - 4.5
I watched Ataris in the same way except I had some view of the Ataris and it just wasnt good. I dunno maybe its because they lost a member of the band a month ago and ahd to replace so quick. Maybe its just they arent a good band> I still ike them, theyre not a good live band though,. They make me mad.

Went and showered after end of Ataris and then we all went to Hard Rock Cafe where we had a waiter with an undeniable resemblance to Gervase from Survivor.
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Warped 2001 [12 Aug 2001|06:41pm]
So I arose around 430 with a little under 4 hours of sleep, a headache, and a worsining case of the sniffles. John came around 530 and we marched on to pick up Greg and Bill. The ride there was quick as I slept/ate my way through it mixing pretzel sticks, mandarin oranges, gatorade, snapple, and gushers into a energizing combination. We arrived a little before 10 and parked. Picked up our tickets, the concert sold out so we were forced to hold onto them for dear life as they're were made greedy fingers around. Checked into the hotel and after a little "fanch magic" we got a room overlooking the main floor which was incredible. I jumped on the bed for a while, took a shower, and then we took to the streets. Around 1215 we went in, the lines were terrible and the security guard had to ask to touch me so i responded with an energetic yes. The follows are review/description/summarizations of what I saw

Bigwig 5.5
-Playing on the main stage as I walked in, they actually were supposed to wait until after Fenix TX but were bored and so decided to play. I've never listened to them before and although they werent bad am not going to rush out and do so. Basic punk stuff, nothing spectacular but they were a decent group of guys, better than nothing of course.

Fenix TX 3
-Theyre tools, wankers etc but I always kind of dug some of their stuff (speechless, gansta bitches etc) so I was expecting some kind of talent. I couldnt even tell it was them, his voice sucked and the music wasnt much better. The attempts at humor were piss poor and so made a schedule of the bandsrather than sticking around, I dont regret leaving.

Bouncing Souls 6
I didnt see much I was headed to Grade after the first 10 minutes but what I did see was pretty good. Im kind of neutral on the bouncing souls, I can listen to the music but I never really get into it but on stage they're fun and energetic and really have the ability to get the crowd into it, I definitely will do a little more listening in the future.

Grade 6.5
I really dug Under The Radar which wasnt really hardcore, well at least not to the level Grade was live. The non hardcore songs on Under became hardcore songs, and although Im not really into hardcore I still enjoyed it. I stayed away from the crowd instead taking refuge in the stands which I dont regret. They also had really good stage presence, would of gotten a 7 if only they ahd played A Year In The Past, but since they didnt and that is the best grade song the consequences must be severe.

The Order From Here is somewhat Iffy

Kool Keith 2.5
Im thinkin I went here next while I was waiting for AFI, Kool Keith started with a dj sayin somethin about Ice Cube and other rappers, real heavy ebonics, hard to understand but Im sure it was stupid. Songs were about poop sex, smackin it, big asses and other stupid sex related things, he was terrible would have gotten a zero but I havent laughed that hard in a while.

Ive only listened to them a few times but was really impressed, energy was high and I was feeling it. Definitely gonna do some more listenin, but it could be just kind of a good live band not good songs thing but in concert they kicked ass. Lead singer resembled Michael Jackson, very pretty, he will definitely go in the zoo. They moved around alot

H20 5.5
I didn't see much of them as theyre was a time mix up and due to Gregs writing skills we thought they were on an hour later than they were. What I did see was pretty good, it just seemed odd though, the music and the act and all didnt fit right but still was well worth seeing.

Rancid 6.5
I heard people go on and on about Rancid before the show and so I made sure to seem them at least for a bit before heading over to Catch 22. What I did see (1 1/2 songs) was good but due to a general air of stupidity among the people around me was unenjoyable. I cant fault them for their fans but still it just wasnt as fun as it could be. Good band, no doubt, no Catch 22 though.

Catch 22 - 9
As always incredible, as they lost their lead singer about a month ago I was expecting a fill in but instead was met by different band members switching lead vocals. They introduced a new member or at least a temporary replacement for space, as the last time one of the members was 14 I was expecting someone a bit older instead I was met by a 8 year old child playing trumpet that looked like it was freshly pulled off a tree in the jungles of austrailia. As The FootstepsFade and Die Out Forever was super bitchin as its my favorite Catch song. I dug it, probably impregnated the girl in front of me due to excessive force and rythmic moving by my neighbors
Definitely incredible, hopefully will return soon.

The Vandals 4
Saw the last two songs while waiting for Flogging Molly, wasnt bad, the music anyways, but then one of the members decided to jack his shorts into a swimsuit and let his balls out. I didnt dig that shit. Nothing great, mediocre at best, better than Kool Keith though.

Flogging Molly 9
In fuckin credible, listened to em long before the concert but interested was fading during the month previous to it. I loved them, really fun to watch, really energetic, not punk not this not that just flogging molly ya know? And if you play the fiddle you so kick ass. Will make effort to see them again.

Sector-7 5
Saw them by accident in attempts to see Jersey. Not good not bad but the guy was a prick to an audience member who was a prick to him I dig that.

I will return later with the rest.
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Yep! [10 Aug 2001|10:14pm]
So today I didnt wake up because I didnt sleep, went to gregs around noon and proceede to Pizza Ho for the Pizza Bar with greg and mike. The waiter, Randy, was an assmunch and had an unreasonable amount of trouble walking. Went to fairmount aquarium bought more crickets for Ralphie, Otis II, and Felix. Went to western lights, came home. Talked to Darc, she asked me to marry her, I said yes. So shes Darc "Stinky" Lagoe now or at least she will be. Went to softball made fun of Kelly "The White Devil" Cappicilli, The Powter Kid, Kevin "Red Pubs" Hennigan and DK Jim Earl. Lost by one run, no matter though. Went to Wegmans with jay bill greg and nick for food for tommorow then Bills to explain tommorow to his parents who agreed to allow him to go. So I should go to bed soon, tommorow shall be kick ass. Grade, LTJ, MFATGG, Rancid, Ataris, Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, and Lefty should not dissapoint, till then Ta Ta, Fuck You San Diego, Woo Woo and I love stinky.
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Stuff Of The Day 08/10/01 [10 Aug 2001|10:09pm]
Song Of The Day-Jebediah-Harpoon
Person Of The Day-The powter
Quote Of The Day-"D'oh" - Mike, Greg, Me,
Event Of The Day-Well its tommorow but WARPED!
Thought Of The Day-Im glad I have a penis, a vagnia is so mystical you never know whats going on with it, I look down and I know everything.
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Toad Sex! [10 Aug 2001|12:00am]
In the places where theres a square I sent him a picture of my toad.

FootstepsFading: Hello Im one "Fine Ass JuGGalette"
Kotton42O: really
FootstepsFading: Yes I am so "fine"
Kotton42O: how so
Kotton42O: wut makes u so
FootstepsFading: My "booty" is shapely and firm, my "rack" is the perfect size
FootstepsFading: I am one "fine bitch"
Kotton42O: u got a pic of ur shit
Kotton42O: wut tha fuk?
FootstepsFading: Arent I hott!?
Kotton42O: thats some sic shit
FootstepsFading: whut?
Kotton42O: wuts up wit sendin a pic of a toad
FootstepsFading: So you have something against toads, I happen to be one fine ass toad
FootstepsFading: Im an American Toad native to northeast North America
Kotton42O: ill take ur word on it
FootstepsFading: So you aint interested in my sexy toadness?
Kotton42O: depends
FootstepsFading: Kinky!
Kotton42O: maybe
Kotton42O: another meaning 2 genital warts
FootstepsFading: whut?
Kotton42O: toads
Kotton42O: warts an shit
Kotton42O: fuc it
FootstepsFading: Wha/
FootstepsFading: I wanna do some hot toad sex
Kotton42O: hell no
FootstepsFading: Wow you one biased motha fucka!
FootstepsFading: Not into toads? You know you want some kinky toad sex
Kotton42O: i dunno
Kotton42O: how far does that toung stretch
FootstepsFading: Far enough
Kotton42O: really
FootstepsFading: Wanna see some naked pics?
Kotton42O: uv frogs
FootstepsFading: Of me
Kotton42O: sure
FootstepsFading: Thats erotic isnt it?
Kotton42O: damn
FootstepsFading: Thats me and my ex
Kotton42O: really
Kotton42O: not work out
Kotton42O: u and ur ex
FootstepsFading: Yea he caught crickets like noone else but he didnt satisfy me on the lilypad
Kotton42O: was it his color
FootstepsFading: No it was the size of his wang
Kotton42O: that sucs
FootstepsFading: Do I make you horny?
Kotton42O: u should try a human out some time
FootstepsFading: Im willing for toad sex
Kotton42O: oh ya
Kotton42O: totally horney
FootstepsFading: Well I have to go, ill catch you later
Kotton42O: i guess
Kotton42O: if u turn into a princess or some shit then find me lata
Kotton42O: till then
Kotton42O: seeya
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